1. How to register on the site?
  2. What is accessible to a registered participant?
  3. How to submit a report?
  4.  How to select or add an organization?
How to register on the site?

Only users, registered on the site can be registered as participants of conferences, organized by our Institute.

To be registered on the site, click the button New user, then you go to the page for conference participant registration. Here you should input your name and surname and e-mail address correctly as well as your username. If the system reports that such username has been used, input another one. A password is inputted twice, as usual, to avoid input errors.

The database of conference site includes data on all participants of all the conferences, being organized by our Institute during several years. Hence, if you have participated in at least one of them, your data are probably in the database. Therefore, after the initial registration, you may see the list of your namesakes, participated in conferences, with some additional data (organization, city, country, etc.). If you find yourself in the list, chose the corresponding item and click OK. In other case, chose Nobody from listed above and also click OK.

For a next login, you are to input only you username and password. If you have forgotten your password, input the username and click the button Forgot password?, the system generates a new one and sends it to your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your username or your e-mail address has changed, you are to communicate with the site administrator.

Attention. Registration on the site is carried out once. If you have registered on the site to participate in a conference, you need only to input your username and password for registration as a participant of any other conference.

Attention. You cannot regiser on the site after deadline.

What is accessible to a registered participant?

A registered participant has access to the personal information (surname, name, city, country, organization, e-mail address) which is changeable (the link Edit personal info) as well as the list of his/her papers, submitted to the conference. While the papers are not accepted, the participant may arbitrary change them (including loading new or edited abstracts and paper deleting). After the paper is accepted, no changes are possible via the site.

How to submit a paper?

You may submit a paper to a conference using the link Submit a paper and filling in the paper submission form.

Abstracts are to be formatted according to requirements of a corresponding conference. They may be loaded later than the first paper registration. Any paper information may be edited at any moment until the paper is accepted by the conference organizing committee.

The speaker should be chosen the list, located under the field Speaker. For search of the speaker enter the first letters of his surname or a surname completely into a search field over the list of participants. If the speaker is not found among participants, press the button Add a conferences participant, fill the appeared form, and then repeat a choice.

The list of authors is to be input necessarily, even if a report has the only author. This is necessary to organize the report search by author and organization. The list is to include the authors' names and the organizations back of them. If the authors represent different organizations, a separate list of authors is to be inputted for each organization. The organization selection or addition procedures are described below.

Attention. You cannot submit new paper after deadline.

How to select or add an organization?

An organization is selected or added while registering a new participant or forming the list of paper's authors. Organizations, contained in the site database, may be selected from the list, where they are alphabetic-ordered. For search of the organization enterany substring of organization title into its search field over the organizations list (the most informative part of a title is recommended to be used). You may also search by the city and the country of of the organization location.

If you have not found your organization, click the button Add an organization into a database and fill in appeared form, then then repeat a choice.

You are welcome to address any questions on site registration to the Site administrator.