September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk


  1. Excess charge compensation mechanisms and their effect on doping composition in LiCaXSr1-XAlF6:Ce crystals   

  2. Optical amplification and laser generation in LiCa1-XSrXAlF6 solid solutions doped with Ce3+ ions   

  3. Study of the physical properties of a Ce3+:LiCa1-XSrXAlF6 promising UV spectral range active medium   

  4. Study of Laser Ablative Destruction of Polymeric Materials     

  5. Progress on the THL-100 hybrid laser system in visible     

  6. Spectral and temporal characteristics of the second harmonic generated in two KDP crystals   
  7. P.A. Antipov, F.A. Gubarev
    Transmission optical tomography of soft tissues   

  8. Wavelet transformation of electronic the spectrum of copper bromide                                                  

  9. Impact on the surface and volume breakdown in a barrier discharge of both the pre-postponed charge on a barrier and its electric activation by low voltage   

  10. Volt-ampere characteristics of asymmetric structure based on boron doped CVD diamond     

  11. Carbon-based antireflective coatings for germanium infrared optics     

  12. Processing of Electronic and Optical Surfaces with Flat VUV Lamps     

  13. Generation of a highly directional supercontinuum in air filament     

  14. Downfall from heaven: Unique carbon nanomaterials from superbolide impacts from North-East Russia     

  15. X-ray radiation in nanosecond-pulse discharge     

  16. Photo- and electroluminescence of organic complexes on transition metals     

  17. Experimental and theoretical  study of photophysical processes and luminescence of some dibenzthiophene-sulfone derivatives     

  18. Exciplex electroluminescence of Zinc complex with hole-transport material   

  19. Sensory properties of some organic compounds for nitrotoluene vapour detection     

  20. Two-frequency speckle visualization of liquid medium