XIV Международный симпозиум по молекулярной спектроскопии высокого разрешения

06-11 июля 2003 года, Красноярск-Енисейск-Красноярск


SPIE Proceedings Vol. 5311
XIVth Symposium and School on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

Editor(s): Leonid N. Sinitsa, Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Tomsk, Russia.

ISBN: 0-8194-5219-X, 316 pages
Published 2003
Meeting Date: 07/06 - 07/11/2003, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

All papers are published by SPIE -- The International Society for Optical Engineering, P.O. Box 10, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-0010, USA.


vii - Conference Committee
ix  - Introduction

SECTION 1 - Invited Lectures

 1 - Open-shell octahedral molecules: a first insight into the full rovibronic problem
       V. Boudon, M. Rey, M. Rotger, and M. Loete,
       Univ. de Bourgogne (France)
14 - Microwave spectroscopy for studying intramolecular vibrational dynamics:
         theoretical background, current status, and future prospects

       A.A. Makarov, Institute of Spectroscopy (Russia)
25 - New modeling of line positions and intensities for Cs type molecules:
         HDCO and HNO3

       A. Perrin, Univ. Paris-Sud (France)
33 - High-sensitivity broadband infrared spectroscopy
        G. Guelachvili, N. Picque, Univ. Paris-Sud (France)
39 - State-of-the-art in quantum chemistry today
        N.F. Stepanov, Moscow State Univ. (Russia)
47 - The laboratory spectroscopy of true molecular line shape in millimeter/
          submillimeter range under pressures from 0.1 to 1000 Torr

        M.Yu. Tretyakov, Institute of Applied Physics (Russia)

SECTION 2 - Higi-Resolution Spectroscopy of Molecules, Ions, and Radicals

59 - Hydrogen sulfide absorption spectrum in the 5700 to 6600 cm-1 spectral region
       L.R. Brown, Jet Propulsion Lab. (USA);
       O.V. Naumenko, E.R. Polovtseva, L.N. Sinitsa,
       Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
68 - Band analysis, dipole moment function, and hyperfine structure of fundamental
          and first overtone vibration-rotation bands of HI gas

       M.O. Bulanin, A.V. Domanskaya, I.M. Grigorev,
       St. Petersburg Univ. (Russia);
       K. Kerl, Technischen Univ. Braunschweig (Germany)
73 - The water vapor 0.27 mkm absorption band: hypothesis of band strengthening
       A.D. Bykov, S.S. Voronina, M.M. Makogon,
       Institute of Atmospheric Optics
78 - Regular and anomalous torsional splitting patterns: a trend in ethane-like
          molecules and general perspectives

       F. Lattanzi, C. di Lauro, Univ. di Napoli Federico II (Italy)
90 - Absorption spectrum of water vapor in the 14395 to 14407 cm-1 region
       N.N. Lavrentieva, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
       Yu.V. Stashkovich, Tomsk State Univ. (Russia);
       B.A. Voronin, S.S. Voronina, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
97 - Global analysis of chloromethane: determinability of ground state constants
       A.V. Nikitin, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
       J.P. Champion, Univ. de Bourgogne (France);
       H. Burger, Bergische Univ. (Germany)
102 - CDSD-1000: the high-temperature carbon dioxide spectroscopic databank
          and information system

       S.A. Tashkun, V.I. Perevalov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
       J.-L. Teffo, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (France);
       A.D. Bykov, N.N. Lavrentieva, Y.L. Babikov,
       Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)

SECTION 3 - Theory of Molecular Systems

114 - Intermolecular potential for highly excited molecules
         A.D. Bykov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
         V.N. Stroinova, Tomsk Polytechnical Univ. (Russia)
121 - Projectors theory use for research into molecular parameters of excited
            vibrational states

         S.P. Gavva, Saratov State Technical Univ. (Russia)
126 - Calculations of vibration-rotation energy levels of diatomic molecules using
            the Euler series transformation method

         T.V. Kruglova, A.D. Bykov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
130 - Application of the generalized Euler series transormation for calculation of
            vibration-rotation energy levels of diatomic molecules

         T.V. Kruglova, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
134 - Global fitting of vibration-rotation line positions of acetylene molecule
            in the far and middle infrared regions

         O.M. Lyulin, V.I. Perevalov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
         J.-L. Teffo, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
144 - Quantum chemical study of [AuClx(H2O)4-x]3-x (x=4,2) complexes
         D.A. Pichugina, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. (Russia) and
         Insitute of Problems of Chemical Physics (Russia);
         A.F. Shestakov, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics (Russia);
         N.E. Kuz'menko, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. (Russia)
148 - Vibration-rotation polarizability operator for nonlinear X2Y-type molecules and
            the rovibrational Raman cross sections calculation of water molecules

         V.I. Starikov, Tomsk State Univ. (Russia);
         A.E. Protasevich, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
156 - Unusual intensity pattern in the fundamental bands of H2S
         O.N. Sulakshina, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
164 - High-order contact transformations: general algorithm, computer
            implementation, and triatomic tests

         Vl.G. Tyuterev, Univ. de Reims (France);
         S.A. Tashkun, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
         H. Seghir, Univ. de Reims (France)
176 - Variational calculations of high-J rovibrational states of the ozone molecule
            from empirically determined isotopically invariant potential energy surface

         Vl.G. Tyuterev, Univ. de Reims (France);
         S.A. Tashkun, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
         D.W. Schwenke, NASA Ames Research Ctr. (USA);
         A. Barbe, Univ. de Reims (France)

SECTION 4 - Spectroscopy of Intermolecular Interactions in Gases

185 - The v4 fundamental band of tetrafluoromethane: structure and broadening

         A.V. Domanskaya, M.V. Tonkov, St. Petersburg State Univ. (Russia);
         J. Boissoles, Univ. de Rennes I (France)
191 - The role of the imaginary part of the relaxation matrix in vibration-rotation
            bandshape calculations

         N.N. Filippov, M.V. Tonkov, St. Petersburg State Univ. (Russia)
196 - Multinuclear NMR spectra of microscopic gaseous samples
         K. Jackowski, Univ. of Warsaw (Poland)
202 - Collision-induced absorption of mixture of oxygen with argon in the region
            of the Herzberg photodissociation continuum

         M.B. Kiseleva, G.Ya. Zelikina, M.V. Buturlimova, K.G. Zolotarev,
         St. Petersburg State Univ. (Russia)
208 - Semiempiric approach for the line broadening and shifting calculation
         N.N. Lavrentieva, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
219 - Analytical representation of self-broadening coefficients of H2O molecules
         V.I. Starikov, Tomsk State Univ. (Russia);
         A.E. Protasevich, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
224 - Influence of the line shift temperature dependence on the atmospheric

         V.N. Stroinova, Tomsk Polytechnical Univ. (Russia)
229 - Influence of the intramolecular interactions on intermolecular potential
            matrix elements

         V.N. Stroinova, Y.I. Tyurin, Tomsk Polytechnical Univ. (Russia);
         A.D. Bykov, V.M. Mikhailov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
234 - Measured and calculated parameters of water vapor line contour induced by
            hydrogen and helium pressure in the 1.4-�m region

         V. Zeninari, B. Parvitte, D. Courtois, Univ. de Reims (France);
         I. Pouchet, G. Durry, Institute Pierre Simon Laplace (France);
         N.N. Lavrentieva, Y.N. Ponomarev,
         Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)

SECTION 5 - Spectroscopic Aspects of Intramolecular Dynamics and Photodissotiation

240 - Propagation of two counter waves in ensemble of three-level L- and
         V- systems
         J.V. Bogdanova, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
245 - Ultraviolet-light absorption and electron localization by ozone in the presence
            of water: nonempirical consideration

         Yu.V. Novakovskaya, N.F. Stepanov, Moscow State Univ. (Russia)

SECTION 6 - Experimental Technique

254 - Tunable blocking filter for laser bigarmonic spectrometer
         G.E. Kulikov, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
257 - Grating polychromator with a multichannel photodetector
         T.M. Petrova, L.N. Sinitsa, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)

SECTION 7 - Analynical Spectroscopy

264 - Fast calculation of the Voight profile absorption line of gas for the atmospheric
            transmission function determination

         E.A. Chayanova, A.I. Ivanovsky, Y.A. Borisov, V.N. Glazkov,
         T.V. Bankova, Central Aerological Observatory (Russia)
273 - Water vapor weak lines contribution to the shortwave radiative transfer in the
            real atmospheric conditions

         T.Yu. Chesnokova, K.M. Firsov, I.M. Nasretdinov,
         A.B. Serebrennikov, B.A. Voronin,
         Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)
280 - An analysis of methods of retrieving atmospheric gas concentration from diode
            laser measurements

         M.Yu. Kataev, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia) and
         Tomsk State Univ. (Russia);
         V.A. Kapitanov, Yu.N. Ponomarev,
         Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia);
         Ya.V. Goppe, Tomsk State Univ. (Russia)
285 - The second virial coefficient of system "nitrogen-water"
         O.A. Podmurnaya, East-Siberian Physico-Technical and Radio
          Engineering Institute (Russia)
289 - The standard installation of humidity unit of gases
         O.A. Podmurnaya, N.I. Dubovikov, East-Siberian Physico-Technical
          and Radio Engineering Institute (Russia)
292 - An optical system of the underwater holocamera for the particle recording
         G.V. Simonova, Institute for Optical Monitoring (Russia);
         V.V. Dyomin, I.G. Polovtsev, Tomsk State Univ. (Russia)
296 - Absorption spectra of medicines
         N.M. Ustuzhanin, Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Russia)

302 - Author Index