XVI Международный симпозиум по молекулярной спектроскопии высокого разрешения

05-10 июля 2009 года, пос. Листвянка Иркутской области


Proceedings of XVI International Symposium HighRus-2009

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High resolution molecular spectroscopy: Proceedings of XVI International Symposium HighRus-2009 [Electronic source]. - Electr. data - Tomsk: Publishing House of IAO SB RAS, 2009. - CD-ROM. - PC Pentium 1 or higher; Microsoft Windows; CD-ROM 16-x and higher; mouse.

The Proceedings include papers presented at XVI International Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy HighRus-2009, held from July 5 to 10, 2009 in the Listvyanka vil.

ISBN 978-5-94458-107-5
© Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics, 2009


  1. L.I. Bryukvina and E.E. Penzina. Luminescence of Cerium-Oxygen Complexes in Alkali Earth Fluorides
  2. Vl.I. Gorbunkov and Vl.I. Solomonov. Mercury molecule in the Arc Discharge Plasma
  3. B. Fomin and V. Falaleeva. FLBLM-2009: a New Version of the Fast Line-By-Line Model
  4. M.A. Gorbacheva. Calculation Vibration-Rotational Parameters for Hydrogen Halides with Help of the Formalism of the Polynomials of Quantum Numbers
  5. M.A. Gorbacheva. Direct and Inverse Mechanical Problems of Ozone Molecule with Formalism of the Polynomials of Quantum Numbers
  6. A.S. Makhniov. The Molecular Vibration-Rotation Theory in Internal Cartesian Coordinates
  7. Yu. N. Ponomarev, T.M. Petrova, A.M. Solodov, A.A. Solodov, A.F. Daniluk, N.A. Zvereva-Loёte. Near IR Absorption Spectrum of C2H4 into Aerogel Nanopores
  8. B.A. Voronin, T.P. Mishina, N.N. Lavrentyeva, T.Yu.Chesnokova, J. Tennyson. J'J" Dependency of Broadening Coefficient for Water Vapor Lines
  9. A. Skalozub. Double splitting of asymmetric top levels by the instanton method
  10. S.V. Petrov. Rotational Dynamics Analysis for Symmetric Triatomic Hydrides Using Simple Model Intramolecular Potential Function
  11. S.V. Ivanov. Spectral Line Shape Characterization at Low Pressures: Potentiality of Generalized Theory Combined with Classical Trajectory Method
  12. E.S. Mironchuk, I.V. Nikolaev, V.N. Ochkin, M.V. Spiridonov, S.N. Tskhai. Diode Laser Spectroscopy Analysis of Isotopologues Ratio 12CO2/13CO2 by Absorption Near 2 μm in Human Breath