XI International Conference Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers - AMPL

September 16-20, 2013, Tomsk, Russia

Oral Reports

  1. V.P. Lopasov
    Evaluation of laser radiation on the prepared magnetomultipolar transition
  2. Yu.A. Rozhkova, A.V. Gurinov, V.I. Korotkov, A.O. Orlova, V.G. Maslov, I.G. Shenderovich
    Clustering of Adsorbed Acridine Molecules on Amorphous Silica Surfaces
  3. S.V. Avtaeva
    Effect of discharge parameters on characteristics of the dielectric barrier discharge in Xe-Cl2
  4. A.N. Panchenko, V.F. Tarasenko, N.A.Panchenko
    Efficient non-chain discharge HF and DF lasers
  5. D.V. Beloplotov, D.E. Genin, A.N. Panchenko, V.F. Tarasenko
    Microstructures on the surface of the liquid metals formed by spark discharge and laser ablation
  6. V.F. Tarasenko, E.Kh. Baksht, A.G. Burachenko, I.D. Kostyrya, and D.V. Rybka
    Energy of Electrons Generated during a Subnanosecond Breakdown in Atmospheric-Pressure Air
  7. C. Zhang, T. Shao, M. Hao, P. Yan, D.V. Rybka, V.F. Tarasenko, and M.I. Lomaev
    Generation of Runaway Electron Beams in Nanosecond Pulsed Discharge with a Point–Plane Gaps in Various Gases
  8. V.Ya. Erofeev, P.V. Vybornov
    Investigation of the characteristics of the bolometer with TiNi sensitive element
  9. Losev Valery F., S. Alekseev1, М. Ivanov1, N. Ivanov1, V. Losev1, L. Mikheev2, Yu. Panchenko1, A. Yastremsky1 , Miheev L.D.
    THL-100 laser system
  10. D.V. Schitz, V.O. Nekhoroshev
    DBD Lamp with Long Feedline
  11. M.I. Lomaev, D.A. Sorokin, V.F. Tarasenko
    Spectroscopy of Plasma of a High-Voltrage Nanosecond Discharge Initiated with Runaway Electron Beam
  12. S. Alekseev, M.V. Ivanov, N.G. Ivanov, V.F. Losev, Yu.N. Panchenko
    Problems of a homogeneous laser beam formation at the second harmonic of Ti:Sa femtosecond complex