XI International Conference Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers - AMPL

September 16-20, 2013, Tomsk, Russia


  1. V.P. Kochanov
    Saturated Two-Photon Absorption of Single-Frequency Radiation in Gaseous Media
  2. V.P. Lopasov
    Principles of generation of laser radiation on the prepared magnetomultipolar transition
  3. Yu.A. Rozhkov, V.I. Korotkov
    Spectral Features of Concentration Effects in Solutions of Acridine
  4. A.A. Pikulev
    The Analytical Investigations of Acoustic Waves Generation in Barrier Discharge Excilamp
  5. A.A. Pikulev, V.A. Panarin, V.F. Tarasenko, E.A. Sosnin
    Acoustic Characteristics of a DBD-driven Planar KrCl Excilamp
  6. R.V. Hrytsak, A.K. Shuaibov, A.I. Minya, Z.T. Homoki, A.A. Sani, D.S. Levko
    Gas-Discharge UV-UV Emitter on the Vapour of \"Heavy Water\"
  7. V.F. Tarasenko, E.Kh. Baksht, A.G. Burachenko, M.V. Erofeev, M.I. Lomaev, and D.A. Sorokin
    Spark Discharge Formation in an Inhomogeneous Electric Field
  8. P. Yan, C. Zhang, T. Shao, and M. Hao
    On the Generation of Runaway Electron Beams in Nanosecond-Pulse Discharges in an Inhomogeneous Electric Field
  9. Ya.Yu. Kozak, G.E. Laslov, A.K. Shuaibov
    Investigation of the Formation of Nanostructures Based on Copper Oxides in the Nanosecond Spark Discharge
  10. Z.Т. Homoki, A.I. Minya, A.K. Shuaibov, I.V. Shevera
    The Emission Characteristics of a Pulse-Periodic Capacitive Discharge on Vapor of Gallium Iodide
  11. G.E. Laslov , A.K. Shuaibov, Ya. Yu. Kozak
    Determination of electron temperature in the spark discharge with electrodes based on сopper indium diselenide compound
  12. L.V. Mesarosh, A.K. Shuaibov, M.P. Chuchman
    The Investigation of Glow-Discharge Characteristics above the Surface of the Aqueous Solutions of the Aluminum Sulphate Salt Al2(SO4)3