A.G. Kolesnik International School of young scientists «Physics of the environment»

July 05-09, 2022, Tomsk

First Announcement

Co-chairmen of the School:
Matvienko G.G. Professor, Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk
Kolesnik S.A. Associate Professor, Tomsk State University, Tomsk
Scientific secretary of the Program committee:
Kolmakov A.A. Associate Professor, Tomsk State University, Tomsk
Chairmen of the Organizing committee:
Pikalov M.V. Tomsk State University, Tomsk
Secretary of the Organizing committee:
Tuzhilkin D.A. Tomsk State University, Tomsk

Planned School sessions:
  1. Physics of atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere.
  2. Physics of solar-terrestrial connections.
  3. Physical ecology.
  4. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in atmosphere, ionosphere and ocean
  5. Physics and chemistry of atmospheric aerosol
  6. Radiation and climate
  7. Physical foundations, methods and equipment of optical, radio wave and acoustic sounding of environment
For participants of School it is planned:
  • Lectures of leading scientists
  • Seminars and round tables
  • Participant reports
  • Sports and cultural events
Working languages of School: russian and english
Age of participants of School: till 39 years (young scientists, postgraduates and students)
School venue:
Tomsk – one of the most aged cities of Siberia, is founded in 1604 as Russian fortress with the name Tomsk ostrog on the right bank of Tom River, in 60 km from its confluence of the Ob river, in the southeast of the West Siberian Plain. Siberian Athens – the modern unofficial name of Tomsk. Now Tomsk – the large cultural, educational, scientific and innovative center of Western Siberia where there are 9 universities with 11 research institutes, 11 academic institutes, a special economic zone of technology-innovative type, 6 business incubators. The city is rich with unique monuments of wooden and stone architecture of the XVIII-XX centuries, creating the unique atmosphere.

Registration for participation in School of Young Scientists "Environmental Physics" will be open on the website https://symp.iao.ru/ru/sys/15/register from November 22, 2021 to April 15, 2022. If for some reason you are unable to complete an online electronic application, you can send an application by e-mail to the Secretary of the Organizing Committee at the email address fos@mail.tsu.ru.
It is planned to hold a Competition for the best reports of the School. The reports of the winners of the Competition will be recommended by the Competition Commission for publication in the journal "Optics of Atmosphere and Ocean" (http://ao.iao.ru/ru, included in the databases of the RSCI, Web of Science and Scopus, Impact Factor of the RSCI: 2-year with taking into account the translated version – 1.470). It is necessary to inform about participation in the Competition in advance – at the stage of registration, by marking the appropriate item in the questionnaire on the website or by e-mail.
The possibility of a mixed section of online reports is being considered.

Request form:
  1. Full name
  2. Birth date (dd.mm.yyyy)
  3. Academic status
  4. Scientific degree
  5. Full and abbreviated name of the organization
  6. Postal address
  7. E-mail, phone
  8. Need of financial support. Organizing committee of School finds possibility of partial or full compensation of expenses of participants
  9. Presentation form (oral, poster, online)
  10. Paper title
  11. Participation in the Competition for the best reports of the School (yes / no)
  12. Report theses (up to 250 words)

The decision to include reports in the School program will be reported to each participant personally in an e-mail message after registration (no later than April 20, 2022).
Until April 25, 2022, it is necessary to send the text of articles for publication in the digest of School articles; it will be published by the beginning of School (with indexing in the RSCI).
Rules and presentation form for articles are available on the School's website in the "Additional Information" section.

Registration fee for participants is 3,000 ₽, for postgraduates and students – 2,000 ₽, absentee participation – 1,000 ₽. When registering a report and sending the text of an article before February 15, 2022, there is a 25% discount on the registration fee. In this case, the registration fee for participants is 2,250 , for graduate students, undergraduates and students – 1,500 , in the case of correspondence participation – 750 .
The fee includes: participation in meetings, coffee breaks, stand-up meal, a participant's folder, a digest of School articles. Methods of payment of the registration fee will be published in the second information message, as well as posted on the School's website in the "Additional Information" section. Follow the information on the website.

Contact information:
Dmitriy A. Tuzhilkin
Maxim V. Pikalov
+7-952-804-3391 e-mail: fos@mail.tsu.ru
e-mail: pikalov@mail.tsu.ru

The Organizing Committee asks you to inform the colleagues about the School!

The Organizing committee