XIV International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric physics"

June 24-29, 2007, Buryatiya, Russia

Third Announcement

In 2007, June 24–30 near the village Maximikha on shore of the Lake Baikal, Buryatia, the Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) will organize XIV International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics. Atmospheric Physics".

Symposium Chairs:
Gelii A. Zherebtsov
Gennadii G. Matvienko

Organizing Institutions:
Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk
Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, Irkutsk
Physical Problems Department at the Presidium of Buryat Scientific Center SB RAS, Ulan-Ude
East Siberian State Technological University, Ulan-Ude
The Symposium is held in cooperation with the International Society for Optical Engineering and Optical Society of America.

Four conferences will be organized in frames of the Symposium.
À. Molecular Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Radiative Processes
B. Optical Radiation Propagation in the Atmosphere and Ocean
C. Optical Investigation of Atmosphere and Ocean
D. Atmospheric Physics

Symposium Program: http://symp.iao.ru/en/aoo/14/Program.pdf
Symposium Schedule: http://symp.iao.ru/en/aoo/14/auxinfo

Format of the Symposium proposes presentations of plenary papers (30 min), invited papers (20 min), joint oral papers (20 min), oral papers (15 min), and poster presentations. Working languages of the Symposium are English and Russian. Projection apparatus will put at reporter’s disposal.

Abstracts will be published to the beginning of the Symposium.

Proceedings of the Symposium will be presented in SPIE Digital Library: http://spiedl.org/. Manuscripts should be submitted by the closing of Symposium in Microsoft Word format to Michael Sherstobitov: s2007@iao.ru
Author information and Proceeding guidelines:
http://spie.org/x1800.xml , http://spie.org/x570.xml , http://spie.org/x5258.xml

Papers selected by the Program Committee will be published in the journal “Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics”. Manuscripts should be submitted by the closing of Symposium. Author information guidelines: http://ao.iao.ru/en/home/

Registration: June 23 at 14:00 and June 24 at 9:00 at the Department of Physical Problems at the Presidium of Buryat Scientific Center SB RAS, address: Ulan-Ude, Sakh’yanova street, 6, tel.: (3012) 433184.

Accommodation: The Symposium will be held and conferees will be accommodated in the recreation campus “Rovesnik” of the East Siberian State Technological University on shore of the Lake Baikal, 230 km far from Ulan-Ude, http://symp.iao.ru/en/aoo/14/auxinfo/. Departure from Ulan-Ude to the campus will be organized in June 24 at 13:00; departure from the campus to Ulan-Ude will be organized in June 29 at 9:00.

Excursion: Ivolginsk datsan that is the main Buddhistic Cloister of Russia, 40 km far from Ulan-Ude, bus trip in June 30, 10:00. Bargusin Bay, boat tour in June 27.

Symposium fee is 400 €. The fee includes session admission, Program, Abstracts, Proceedings, welcome reception, banquet, coffee breaks, boat tour, and the round trip fare Ulan-Ude - campus.

Looking forward to seeing you among the participants of the Symposium!

Organizing Committee:
Victor A. Banakh, Chair,
Olga V. Tikhomirova, Scientific secretary

Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS
1, Akademicheskii Ave., Tomsk, 634055, Russia
Phone: (3822)492956, Fax: (3822)492086
E-mail: symp2007@iao.ru