The XIX Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 01-05, 2019, Nizhny Novgorod

Submitted reports

  1. Makarov D.S., Tretyakov M.Yu., Rosenkranz P.W.
    Atmospheric oxygen mm-absorption: models review and uncertainties evaluation  
  2. Makarov D.S., Koshelev M.A., Serov E.A., Tretyakov M.Yu.
    Collisional relaxation matrices for the oxygen molecule in dry air
  3. Mizus I.I., Polyansky O.L., Zobov N.F. , Tennyson J., Alijah A., McKemmish L.K.
    A global ab initio potential energy surface for the molecular ion H3+
  4. Salimi S.S.O., Shafiei M.M.
    Investigation on degree of dissociation of hydrogen plasma via optical emission spectroscopy in penning ion source
  5. Perevalov V.I., Karlovets E.V.
    Line intensities of the radioactive isotopologues of carbon monoxide  
  6. Semenova A., Guseva Y., Panin A., Vaks V.L., Babarina D., Morunova S., Vilkov A.
    THz transmitting spectra of glucose water solutions with different concentrations  
  7. Bunker P., Jensen P., Mills I.M.
    The Planck constant and its units  
  8. Barbe A., De Backer M.-R., Starikova E., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Recent analyses of high resolution spectra of six isotopic species of ozone  
  9. Borkov Y.G., Lyulin O.M., Petrova T.M., Solodov A.M., Solodov A.A., Perevalov V.I., Deichuli V.M.
    CO2-broadening and shift coefficients of sulfur dioxide near 4 µm
  10. Cheung A.S.-C., Ng Y.W., Wang N., Zou W.
    Electronic transitions of ScO in the UV region  
  11. Egorov O.V., Nikitin A.V., Rey M., Viglaska D., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Ab initio potential energy surface for ethane molecule: Preliminary results
  12. Belov S.P., Golubiatnikov G.Yu.
    Study of the magnetic hyperfine structure of E-methanol with the BWO Lamb-dip spectrometer