XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Submitted reports

  1. V. Chvykov
    Ultra-High Peak and Average Power Lasers and applications for Laser Active Optical Systems (LAOS)
  2. Yu.E. Geints, A.A. Zemlyanov
    Filamentation of mid-IR ultrashort laser pulses in a molecular atmosphere  
  3. V.V. Osipov
    Synthesis of laser ceramics
  4. Z.-M. Huang, J.-G. Huang, W. Zhou, N.-J. Yao, Yu.M. Andreev, K.A. Kokh, G.V. Lanskii, V.A. Svetlichnyi
    Standoff 110-m open-path THz spectrometer with GaSe0.91S0.09:Al(0.03 at. %) DFG
  5. A.E. Mironov, J.A. Rivera, A. Steinforth, S.-J. Park, C.M. Herring, J.G. Eden
    Recent Developments in Lasers and Photonics: Spin Polarized Atoms, Novel Optical Resonators, and High Power VUV Lamps
  6. Yu.S. Akishev, A.A. Balakirev, V.B. Karalnik, M.A. Medvedev, A.V. Petryakov, N.I. Trushkin, A.G. Shafikov
    Development of a constriction of the overvoltage discharge in a deuterium at the forming a high-current beam of the running-away electrons.
  7. V.F. Losev, S.V. Alekseev, N.G. Ivanov, G.A. Mesyats, L.D. Mikheev, Yu.N. Panchenko, N.A. Ratakhin, A.G. Yastremsky
    THL-100 multi-terawatt laser system of a visible range  
  8. D. Herrmann, T. Dandl, J. Wieser
    High Resolution Spectroscopy of Neon Lines with Emphasis on the 585.25nm Ne (He,Ar) Laser
  9. M.S. Trtica, B. Radak, D. Milovanovic
    Spectroscopic/Laser Methods of Air Pollution Detection – New Trends
  10. K. Ruud, M.T.P. Beerepoot, M.M. Alam
    Qualitative insight into multiphoton absorption cross section
  11. A.M. Pashayev, K.R. Allahverdiyev, I.Z. Sadikhov
    Florescence spectra of absheron's crude oils detected by ka-14 lidar developed at national aviation academy of Azerbaijan
  12. N.A. Ratakhin
    IHCE SB RAS 40th anniversary