XI International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric physics"

June 23-26, 2004, Tomsk, Russia

First Announcement

In accordance with the schedule of meetings and conferences approved by the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2004 The Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the SB RAS will organize XI-th International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric Physics (23 - 26 June 2004, Tomsk).

Symposium Chairs

Gelii A. Zherebtsov
Gennadii G. Matvienko

Orginizing Institutions

Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk
Institute of Solar - Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, Irkutsk

Working languages of the Symposium are English and Russian.

We are assuming to organize four conferences (A, B, C, D) in frame of symposium program.

  • A. Molecular Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Radiative Processes
    • A1. Molecular Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Gases
    • A2. Absorption of Radiation in Atmosphere and Ocean
    • A3. Radiative Regime and Climate Problems
    • A4. Models and Data Bases for Atmospheric Optics and Physics
  • B. Optical Radiation Propagation in the Atmosphere and Ocean
    • B1. Wave Propagation in Random Inhomogeneous Media. Adaptive Optics
    • B2. Nonlinear Effects at Radiation Propagation in Atmosphere and Water Media
    • B3. Multiple Scattering in Optical Remote Sensing. Image Transfer and Processing
  • C. Optical Investigation of Atmosphere and Ocean
    • C1. Optical and Microphysical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol and Suspension in Water Media
    • C2. Transport and Transformation of Aerosol and Gas Components in the Atmosphere
    • C3. Laser and Acoustic Sounding of Atmosphere and Ocean
    • C4. Diagnostics of State and Functioning of Plants' Bio systems
  • D. Atmospheric Physics
    • D1. Structure and Dynamics of the Middle Atmosphere
    • D2. Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Climate of the Asian Region
    • D3. Physical Processes and Phenomena in the Earth's Thermosphere and Ionosphere

It is planned that the Program of the Symposium will include presentations of invited papers at the plenary session, oral presentations, and poster presentations.

Submission of abstracts

Authors have the option to submit abstracts by e-mail (symp2004@iao.ru) (one copy) or mail (four copies) to:
Feodor Yu. Kanev,
Scientific Secretary of the 11-th International Symposium on Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics. Atmospheric Physics,
Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS,
1, Akademicheskii Ave.,
634055, Tomsk, Russia

All abstracts must be received by 15 April 2004.

Paper review

All abstracts and proceedings will be reviewed by the Program Committee or Conference Chairs.

Instruction for preparation of abstracts of papers/posters

Your Abstract should include the following:

  1. Abstract Title.
  2. Names of Authors (principal author first).
  3. Affiliation and Correspondence Address for Each Author Mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail.
  4. Session. Please indicate the related topic most nearly coinciding with the subject matter of the paper.
  5. Presentation. Please indicate your preference for Oral or/and Poster presentation.
  6. Keywords.
  7. Abstract. The text of not more than 200 words is required for each paper. Language of abstract is English.

Proceedings of the Symposium

Proceedings will be published after the Symposium in SPIE Publishing House. The guidelines for submission of papers will be given in the next announcement.

Prof. Vladimir P. Lukin, Chair of the Program Committee.
Dr. Feodor Yu.Kanev, Scientific secretary