Thirteenth International Symposium and School on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (HighRus-99)

July 04-06, 1999, Tomsk, Russia

Second Announcement

Dear colleague,

The Organizing Committee of HighRus-99 has a big financial problems to realize "XIIIth International Symposium - School on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy" on board a ship. We have adopted decision to hold this Symposium - School in Tomsk from the 4th to the 6th July 1999. The day of arrival is 3d July and the day of departure is 7th July.
We plan to use European Scientific Commision and RBRF to support the young scientists and invited speakers from westen countries and NIS.

We will be very much obliged to you for the understanding our difficulties and hope to see you at HighRus-99 in our siberian city this summer.
Please, confirm your wish to take part in our Symposium as soon as posssible!

You could reach Tomsk by plane via Moscow or you could use flights from Frankfurt to Novosibirsk. The members of Organizing Committee will meet you in Moscow and in Novosibirsk and help you to reserve plane tickets from Moscow to Tomsk. It is possible also to reach Tomsk from Moscow by train. The price of the plane ticket: Moscow - Tomsk - Moscow is about 120 US $.


Conferencr Chairs

  1. A.I.Nadezhdinskii, General Physics Institute, Moscow
  2. Yu.N.Ponomarev, Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Tomsk
  3. L.N.Sinitsa, Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Tomsk

Scientific Committee

A.Barbe (France), A.V. Burenin (Russia), J.P. Champion (France), C. Domingo (Spain), J.M. Flaud (France), L. Fusina (Italy), J.T. Hougen (USA), L.A. Konopelko (Russia), A.W.Mants (USA), Sh.Sh. Nabiev (Russia), A.I. Nadezhdinskii (Russia), V.I.Perevalov (Russia), Yu.N. Ponomarev (Russia), M.W. Sigrist (Switzerland), L.N. Sinitsa (Russia), V.V. Smirnov (Russia), M.V.Tonkov (Russia), V.G.Tyuterev (Russia)

Scientific Program

  • High resolution spectroscopy of molecules, including radicals, ions, complexes;
  • Theory of molecular system;
  • Spectroscopy of intermolecular interactions in gases;
  • Experimental techniques for obtaining high resolution molecular spectra;
  • Atmospheric, astrophysics and high technology applications of high resolution molecular spectroscopy.

The Symposium Schedule Will Iinclude

  • Invited lectures,
  • Oral presentations (limited number of contributions),
  • Poster sessions,
  • Special session on Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy in commemoration of A.F. Suchkov and E.A. Sviridenkov.