The XVII Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 02-07, 2012, Zelenogorsk, St.Petersburg region, Russia


Proceedings of XVII International Symposium HighRus-2012

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High resolution molecular spectroscopy: Proceedings of XVI International Symposium HighRus-2012 [Electronic source]. - Electr. data - Tomsk: Publishing House of IAO SB RAS, 2009. - CD-ROM. - PC Pentium 1 or higher; Microsoft Windows; CD-ROM 16-x and higher; mouse.

The Proceedings include papers presented at XVII International Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy HighRus-2012, held from on July 2–7 in Zelenogorsk, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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  1. Zharkova O.M., Morozova Ju.P., Titova T.Ju., Filippova E.M., Artjukhov V.Ja. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Spectral-Luminescent Properties of Fluorescent Probes.
  2. Adamenkov Yu.А., Adamenkov A.A., Vdovkin L.A., Kolobyanin Yu.V. Spectroscopic Temperature DIAGNOSTICS of gas flow at the output of singlet oxygen generator.
  3. Dudaryonok A.S., Lavrentieva N.N., Sinitsa L.N., Serdyukov V.I., Vasilchenko S.S. Water vapor line self-broadening study in 13400–14000 сm-1 range.
  4. Ma Q., Tipping R.H., Lavrentieva N.N., Dudaryonok A.S. Pair Identity and Smooth Variation Rules Applicable for the Spectroscopic Parameters of H2O lines.
  5. Ma Q., Tipping R.H., Lavrentieva N.N. Causal Correlation Functions and Fourier Transforms.
  6. Tyuterev Vl.G., Kochanov R.V., Tashkun S.A. Analytical representation for the ozone electronic ground state potential function in the spectroscopically accessible range and extended vibration predictions.
  7. Ponomarev Yu.N., Petrova T.M., Solodov A.M., Solodov A.A., Sulakshin S.A., Boldyrev N.Yu. Ourier-Spectrometer With 30-Meter Base Length Multipass Cell for Study of Weak Selective and Nonselective Absorption of Atmospheric Gases.
  8. Borkov Yu.G., Sulakshina O.N. Global treatment of high-resolution spectra for NO molecule.
  9. Chesnokova T.Yu., Voronin B.A., Voronina Yu.V., Gribanov K.G., Zakharov V.I., Firsov K.M. Simulation of the High Resolution Atmospheric Solar Spectra in the 1,6–2,4 mm Spectral Region.
  10. Skalozub A. Method of Complex Periodic Orbits in the Problem about Semiclassical Quantization of the Rigid Asymmetric Rotor.
  11. Lavrentieva N.N., Dudaryonok A.S., Arshinov K.I., Nevdakh V.V. Temperature Dependence of Broadening Coefficients of CO2 Lines Induced by N2O and Co Pressure.
  12. Fomin B.A., Falaleeva V.A. A Polarized Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Model Based on the Line-By-Line and Monte Carlo Methods.
  13. Karapuzikov A.I., Nikiforova О.Yu., Ponomarev Yu.N. Accounting for Water Vapor Absorption in the Spectra of Expired Air for Retrieval of Gaseous Biomarkers.
  14. Karapuzikov A.I., Nikiforova О.Yu., Ponomarev Yu.N. Impact of radiation spectral characteristics on errors in retrieval of concentration of gaseous biomarkers from multi-channel measurements of the expired air absorption.
  15. Kolobyanin Yu.V., Аdamenkov Yu.А., Goryachev L.V., Rogozhnikov G.S., Mochkaev S.V. Measurement of Positive Gain in Active Media of Oxygen-Iodine Laser with Travelling Microwave Discharge.
  16. Voronin B.A., Lavrentieva N.N., Lugovskoy A.A., Dudaryonok A.S., Starikov V.I. Comparison of Line Broadening Parameters of Hd16O Calculated with Different Methods.
  17. Borkov Yu.G., Lyulin O.M., Perevalov V.I., Jacquemart D. Line Positions and Intensities of CO2 Isotopologues from 3200 to 3800 cm-1.
  18. Vasilchenko S.S., Sinitsa L.N., Serdyukov V.I., Voronin B.A., Polovtseva E.R. Spectroscopic Study of Atmospheric Collision-Induced Oxygen Complexes (O2)2.
  19. Bogdanova J.V., Klimeshina T.E., Rodimova O.B. On the Role of Line Wings of Water Monomer in the Formation of the Continuum in the 3–5 μm Transparency Window.
  20. Author Index