XXV Russian conference "Radio Wave Ppropagation"

July 03-09, 2016, Tomsk

Location & Venue

Tomsk was founded in 1604. Today Tomsk is one of the developed cultural, educational, scientific and innovative centers of Russia. The first university in the Asian part of the country was organized in 1880 in Tomsk. Now in Tomsk there are 9 universities with 11 research institutes, 11 institutes of the Russian Academy of Science and many other scientific establishments. 3 500 doctors and candidates of science work now in Tomsk. The city is proud of wooden architecture of XVIII–XX centuries as well as brick old architecture.

At the congress of Russian physicists in 1924 in Leningrad Tomsk was called one of centers of the soviet physics. The first scientific body studying the problems of radio became founded in 1928 at the State University the Siberian Physical-Technical Institute, where in 1936 Prof. V.N. Kessenich organized the first in the country Ionosphere station. In the 70-80th the Siberian Physical-Technical Institute was one of biggest scientific centers in the system of higher education. There was carried research in the field of physics of semiconductors, electronics, radio wave propagation, electrodynamics, diffraction, cybernetics and theory of information.

In 1971 there was began research on ionosphere modeling under supervision of A.G. Kolesnik, in 1996 in Tomsk State University was founded the Department of Space Physics and Ecology and in 2006 the educational research center "Physics of Ionosphere and Electromagnetic Ecology". In 2012 there was organized the firm "TOMION» where there were designed and produced the modern ionosondes of new generation.

Tomsk became the first in Siberia center of higher education and university science in the field of electronics. In 1951 there was organized the Radio Engineering Faculty at the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, in 1953 - the Radio Physical Faculty at the Tomsk State University. In 1962 there was organized the Institute of Radio Electronics and Electronic Techniques (now the University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics). Graduates of Tomsk universities became the basic stuff of electronic industry and research in Siberia, the Far East and the Central Asia republics. To-day Tomsk is one of the leading educational and research centers in Russia.

XXV Russian Conference on Radio Wave Propagation continues the series of two or three-year national conferences prosecuting by the Russian Academy of Sciences from the 50s. The conference would be organized in the form of plenary and section meetings as well as the poster papers. There would be the competition of the young scientist’s papers.