A.G. Kolesnik International School of young scientists «Physics of the environment»

July 05-09, 2022, Tomsk

Submitted reports

  1. O.E. Yakovleva, G.P. Kushnarenko, G.M. Kuznetsova
    The seasonal impact geomagnetic disturbances on the electron density at F1 layer height during the different time period on Irkutsk station    
  2. M.M. Tayupov, A.M. Safronov, A.V. Markova, K.Yu. Poglazov
    Dissociative electron attachment as a tool for modeling the mechanism of Pentachlorophenol toxicity
  3. M.A. Titova
    Investigation the ionospheric disturbances relationship with certain lithospheric sources during the largest earthquake by the differentiated use of special methods for processing satellite radio signals
  4. V.V. Zuev, A.V. Pavlinskiy, V.A. Uymanova, N.V. Dolgova, A.S. Tomashova
    Relationships of the total vapor content of the atmosphere and the surface air humidity from the results of remote measurements  
  5. M.A. Panfilova, V.Yu. Karaev
    Influence of Wave Type on the Accuracy of Determining Wind Speed from Microwave Radar Data on the GPM Satellite
  6. I. Galaktionov, J. Sheldakova, V. Toporovsky, A. Kudryashov
    Numerical estimations of efficiency of scattered radiation focusing by means of deformable mirrors
  7. S.A. Sadovnikov, D.A. Tuzhilkin
    Development of an automated adjustment device for the angular position of the output mirror of a methane lidar
  8. D.S. Maksimov, D.A, Kogogin, I.A. Nasyrov, R.V. Zagretdinov, A.V. Sokolov, A.V. Shindin, S.M. Grach
    Measurement of the power of GNSS signals during experiments on the effects of powerful radio radiation on the ionosphere
  9. Zenkova P.N., Chernov D.G., Uzhegov V.N., Konovalov I.B., Shmargunov V.P.
    Evolution of black and brown carbons in smoke according to measurements in the Big Aerosol Chamber
  10. A.O. Kostornoy, A.S. Borodin, S.V. Pobachenko, D.A. Tuzhilkin
    Evaluation of the biotropism of the natural electromagnetic background by changes in the system parameters of the cardiovascular system and the integral electrical activity of the human brain
  11. D.D. Bryuhovetskiy, S.V. Pobachenko
    Assessment of the daily dynamics of the values ​​of the spectral power density of the human brain according to round-the-clock monitoring data  
  12. K.S. Nepeina
    Repeating earthquakes: ways to identify them and find possible triggers