XIV International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications – AMPL-2019

September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk

Submitted reports

  1. А.M. Pashayev, B.G. Tagiyev, A.A. Musayev, Y.M. Baghirov, K.R. Allahverdiyev, I.Z. Sadikhov
    A database of fluorescence spectra of crude oil of the Absheron peninsula, registered by KA-14 LIDAR developed at the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan  
  2. А.M. Pashayev, K.R. Allahverdiyev, E.Yu. Salayev, B.G. Tagiyev
    Damage threshold of GaSe-type layered crystals under IR laser pulse radiation    
  3. A.M. Pashayev, B.G. Tagiev, O.B. Tagiev, K.R. Allahverdiyev
    Growth and investigation of optical properties and laser oscillations from ternary thiogallate crystals with laser active dopants  
  4. V.I. Solomonov, A.V. Spirina, M.P. Popov
    Statistical luminescent method for determining the region of origin of emeralds  
  5. V.F. Tarasenko, V.I. Oleshko, E.I. Lipatov, M.V. Erofeev
    Radiation in diamond, leucosapphire and quartz under the excitation of electron beam with an energy of up to 400 keV  
  6. V.A. Pomogaev
    Spiro-photochromes conversion following charge transfer from TRP@HSA  
  7. Gorbunkov Vladimir Ivanovich,Grinevich Valentina Alexandrovna, Chalay Victor Vladimirovich
    Optical radiation of the Plasma Flow in an Arcjet Truster  
  8. O.N. Tchaikovskaya, O.V. Vusovich, G.V. Mayer
    Optical properties of 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid  
  9. ,
    The influence of gas pressure on the runaway electron beam current and X-rays intensity generated in a gas diode  
  10. V.V. Osipov, V.A. Shitov, R.N. Maksimov, K.E. Lukyashin
    Fe2+ doped MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics – a novel gain medium for mid-IR solid-state lasers  
  11. D.E. Genin, D.V. Beloplotov
    Effect of polarity on pulsed breakdown in gaps with an asymmetric distribution of the electric field  
  12. E.N. Bocharnikova, O. N. Tchaikovskaya, J. Gomez, M. Gomez, M. Murcia
    Fluorescence analysis of Bisphenol A photolysis under exposed to excilamps