XI International Conference Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers - AMPL

September 16-20, 2013, Tomsk, Russia


  1. М.А. Kazaryan, М.М. Kalougin, Yu.М. Mokrushin, Е.А. Morozova, О.V. Shakin, В.И. Сачков
    Laser Thermo Crushing of the Complex Form Articles Made of the Brittle Glass and High-Strength Materials by the Emission of the Second Harmonic of Copper Vapor Laser
  2. E.S. Porokhov, V.O. Nekhoroshev, D.S. Chertihina, S.N. Torgaev
    Semiconductor Switch for CuBr-Laser Pumping
  3. A.N. Soldatov, A.V. Vasiljeva, S.Ju. Mirza, Ju.P. Polunin, A.S. Shumeyko, O.A. Romanovsky
    Multimedia Metal Vapor Laser Emitter for Solving Problems of Atmospheric Optics
  4. A.D. Bulygin, V.A.Donchenko, V.А. Kharenkov, Al.A. Zemlyanov
    Superfluorescence in the Presence of Nanoparticles of Metals Far from the Plasmon Resonance
  5. V.G. Yarzhemskii, M.A.Kazaryan, E.A.Morozova, V.I.Sachkov, E.N.Mouraviev
    The Hypothesis of the Appearance of the Initial States of Laser Generation in the Gold Nano-Particles
  6. V.V.Bouchanov, М.А. Kazaryan, Е.А. Morozova, V.I. Sachkov
    Kinetic Phenomena into the System of the Oscillation-Excited Molecules in the Process of Laser Photocatalytic Isotope Separation
  7. A.D. Bulygin
    The Kinetic Equation for Filament Density Formed during Propagation of Femtosecond Laser Radiation, in the Approximation of Self-Consistent Field
  8. A.G. Filonov
    Investigation of the Two-Sectional Copper Bromide Vapor Laser Operation
  9. V.G. Sokovikov
    Inversion on the Atomic Transitions of Alkaline Earth (AE) and Rare Earth (RE) Elements under Optical Pumping of Excimer Lasers
  10. V.G. Sokovikov, A.V. Klimkin
    Raman Conversion of XeF Laser Radiation in Sm Vapor
  11. V.G. Sokovikov, A.V. Klimkin
    KrF* Laser Generated Infra-Red Sers in Europium Vapor
  12. D.S. Chertikhina, V.О. Nekhoroshev, S.N. Torgaev
    Nanosecond Pulse Generator for High Pulse Repetition Rate CuBr-Laser