XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Author: Жильцова А.А. (Московский государственный университет, Москва, Россия)

List of reports:

  1. A.A. Zhiltsova, A.V. Kharcheva, S.V. Patsaeva (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia), E.D. Krasnova (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia; White Sea Biological Station, Kandalaksha, Russia), O.N. Lunina, A.S. Savvichev (Institute of microbiology RAS, Moscow, Russia)
    Spectral study of anoxygenic phototrophic microorganisms in the stratified reservoirs of the Kandalaksha Bay at the White Sea  
  2. A.V. Kharcheva, A.A. Zhiltsova, E.D. Krasnova, D.A. Voronov, S.V. Patsaeva (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
    Depth distribution of fluorescence and concentration of green sulfur bacteria bacteriochlorophyll from White Sea relic lakes