XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Author: Бельков М.В. (Институт физики НАН Республики Беларусь, Минск, Беларусь)

List of reports:

  1. O.K. Bazyl’, V.Ya. Artyukhov, G.V. Mayer (National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia), G.B. Tolstorozhev, M.V. Bel’kov (B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics NAS Belarus, Minsk, Belarus), O.I. Shadyro (Belorus State University, Minsk, Belarus)
    Spectral-luminescent and proton-acceptor properties of biologically active hydroxyl-substituted benzaldehydes