XIV International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications – AMPL-2019

September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk

Plenary Reports


  1. А.M. Pashayev, K.R. Allahverdiyev (National Aviation Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan), E.Yu. Salayev (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Аzerbaijan), B.G. Tagiyev (National Aviation Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan; Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Аzerbaijan)
    Damage threshold of GaSe-type layered crystals under IR laser pulse radiation  
  2. Hampf, Raphael (Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany), Ulrich, Andreas (Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany), Wieser, Jochen (excitech GmbH, Schortens, Germany)
    Pressure dependent effective emission cross sections of the neutral and ionic Argon 4p-4s and Neon 3p-3s transitions for heavy ion excitation  
  3. Yu. Akishev (Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research – TRINITI, Troitsk, Russia)
    On instability of the overvoltage regime of the open discharge in d2 generating high-energy run-away electrons
  4. A. Ulrich (Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany)
    The scintillation of liquid Ar-Xe mixtures
  5. P. Avramov (Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea)
    Theory of Atomic and Electronic Spectra
  6. H. Piquet (University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France)
    Study of power supplies dedicated to DBD devices

  7. Downfall from heaven: Unique carbon nanomaterials from superbolide impacts from North-East Russia  

  8. X-ray radiation in nanosecond-pulse discharge  

  9. Opportunities provided by SPIE for young scientists