The XVIIIth Symposium and School on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

June 30 - July 04, 2015, Tomsk, Russia

Author's Index

Author: Surin L.A. (Institute of Spectroscopy RAS, Troitsk, Russia)

List of reports:

  1. L.A. Surin, A.V. Potapov, S. Schlemmer, A.A. Dolgov, I.V. Tarabukin, V.A. Panfilov, Yu.N. Kalugina, A. Faure, A. van der Avoird
    Millimeter-wave measurements and ab initio calculations of the NH3 – CO complex  
  2. I.V. Tarabukin, V.A. Panfilov, L.A. Surin
    Rotational study of the CH4 - CO van der Waals complex in the millimeter-wave range
  3. L.A. Surin, I.V. Tarabukin, V.A. Panfilov, S. Schlemmer, A. Breier, T. Giesen, M.C. McCarthy
    Rotational spectrum of the NH3-H2 van der Waals complex