The XVIIIth Symposium and School on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

June 30 - July 04, 2015, Tomsk, Russia

Participant Organizations

Organization: Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia

List of reports:

  1. S.P. Derevyashkin (Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia), A.A. Ionin, Yu.M. Klimachev, I.O. Kinyaevskiy, A.A. Kotkov, A.Yu. Kozlov (Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia), A.K. Kurnosov (Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research – TRINITI, Troitsk, Russia)
    NO absorption dynamics in gas mixtures excited by pulsed electric discharge
  2. V.A. Lazarev, V.E. Karasik (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia), A.N. Kireev, Yu.V. Korostelin, A.S. Shelkovnikov, V.I. Kozlovsky (Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia), M.K. Tarabrin (Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia; Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia), Yu.P. Podmarkov, M.P. Frolov (Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia; Moscow Physical Technical Institute, Dolgoprudny, Russia), M.A. Gubin (Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia; Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia)
    Application of methane saturated dispersion resonances near 2.36 μm over the temperature range 77 – 300 K for optical frequency standards