XXVII Workshop "Siberian Aerosols"

November 24-27, 2020, Tomsk, Russia

According to Plan of Meetings and Conferences of SB RAS for 2020,
V.E. Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS holds
XXVII Conference "Siberian Aerosols"
on November 24‑27 of 2020 in Tomsk, Russia.

Chairman: Prof. Mikhail V. Panchenko
Scientific secretary: Olga V. Praslova

The Conferences program features the following topics:
  1. Optical and microphysical properties of aerosol
  2. Environmental chemistry, aerosol-gas relations, biota and its effect on atmospheric processes
  3. Aerosol generation, transformation, and sink
  4. Modeling of atmospheric processes
  5. Aerosol and climate
  6. Anthropogenic aerosol
  7. Methods and facilities of aerosol studies

Additionally, the Conferences program includes a series of round tables. Applications for the round tables should be submitted before March 17 of 2020.

Call for papers
The Conference welcomes reports that address the mentioned topics. To submit a report, please fill out the form: https://symp.iao.ru/en/sa/27/register
Your submission should include the following information: the report title, authors’ names, affiliations, and e-mails, and the abstract text.
The submission deadline is March 17 of 2020. 
Please note that according to the new rules the Organizing Committee could not accept your submission after the deadline.

Please follow the instructions on the website during the submission, especially, if your report includes several co-authors from different affiliations. Please include your name in the name of the file with the abstract text: Name.rtf, RTF format. After verification, the information about your report will be available at the Conferences website.
Author’s guide
First line: TITLE (in bold, Times New Roman)
Second line: Authors (Initials, Family name), (Times New Roman)
Third line: Organization, city, country, e-mail (italic, Times New Roman)
The abstract (no more than 200 words including references). Text format is MS Word. Times New Roman 10 pt, single line spacing. Top, bottom, left and right margins – 2.5.
The abstract should not include figures and complex formulas.
The abstract text should be followed by the reporter’s full name, e-mail, address, and contact telephone number.

The template can be found at https://symp.iao.ru/en/sa/27/auxinfo

The Conference proceedings will be published in the thematic issue of Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics Journal.

As a rule, the number of oral presentations at the Workgroup is limited to one for one participant. The number of poster reports is unlimited.

Please contact us by phone +7913 880 7558 or e-mail aerosib@iao.ru for any questions.
The information updates can be found at the Conferences website https://symp.iao.ru/en/sa/27/i1

The Organizing Committee encourages you to take part in the Conferences “Siberian Aerosols”!