XXVII International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics. Atmospheric Physics"

July 05-09, 2021, Moscow

Author's Index

Author: Riabova S.A. (Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS, Moscow, Russia)

List of reports:

  1. Riabova S.A., Romanovsky Ya.O., Spivak A.A.
    Remote response of electrical characteristics of the atmosphere to strong earthquakes  
  2. Romanovsky Ya.O., Rybnov Yu.S., Riabova S.A., Spivak A.A., Kharlamov V.A.
    Influence of strong geomagnetic disturbances on the accuracy of pseudo positioning based on single-frequency GPS  
  3. Spivak A.A., Riabova S.A., Romanovsky Ya.O.
    Geomagnetic disturbances caused by the fall of Chelyabinsk (February 15, 2013) and Lipetsk (June 21, 2018) bolides    
  4. Riabova S.A., Romanovsky Ya.O., Spivak A.A.
    Variations of the electric field and current in the surface atmosphere during magnetic storms    
  5. Spivak A.A., Rybnov Yu.S., Riabova S.A., Romanovsky Ya.O., Kharlamov V.A.
    Microbaric variations in atmospheric pressure during magnetic storms  
  6. Spivak A.A., Riabova S.A., Romanovsky Ya.O., Rybnov Yu.S., Kharlamov V.A.
    Manifestation of strong atmospheric phenomena in geophysical fields